Saturday, July 4, 2015

Family Fun - A Trip to the Farm

We had the chance to visit a HUGE dairy farm recently.  The farm hosted a "Farm Days" event and offered so many wonderful opportunities for families not to mention free lunch and free ice cream!  I took the boys - not expecting much.  I figured we'd be there an hour at the most . . .4 1/2 hours later we didn't do everything!  Crazy! 

 One of the very first stops was the HUGE cow barn.  Yes, Josh is plugging his nose HA!  Nate loved the place and had tons of questions.  Josh looked at me and said, "Mom, this place makes me want to puke, I'll wait for you outside." 

 The boys got to make homemade butter and than try it on some crackers.  Well, Nate just ate crackers but Josh liked trying his "own" butter.
 Another barn - this one had calves.  Notice who's missing from the photo? 
 Josh loved the big cow.  Nate, not so much.
 Making some crafts.

 My piglets - the boys loved these cut outs and had to get photos in every single one.
 Watching the milking process.  The boys favorite part?  When the cows were released and walked past them. 

 Tractor pulls - these boys are tough!

 Feeding the calves.
 Tractors, Tractors, and More tractors and yes, the boys had to get in every. single. one.  Bless my heart. 
 More Cutouts . . ..

 More Tractors . ..

And yes, more cut outs!

This was a HUGE hit and the perfect activity for our weekend.  I love free stuff!