Thursday, June 7, 2018

Tender, Delicious Pork Loin

I have made so many different Pork Loin Recipes from Pulled Pork BBQ to Balsamic Glazed Pork Loin to Roasted Pork Loin to Root Beer Pork Loin.  They were all good but one thing I noticed over and over is that the Pork is often dry or doesn't really shred.
(I didn't take a photo of the pork I cooked so I chose this random photo ha!) 

Well, I figured out a secret on total accident.  Recently Meijer had a sale on Pork Loins - buy 1/get 1 free - which is a great way to get meat at a great place.  I wanted to throw a loin in the crock pot for dinner but didn't have any of my normal stuff.  What I did have was Apple Juice.  I placed the pork in the crock pot (using a crock pot liner for easy clean-up), then added salt and pepper for seasoning.  I then pour about 1 cup of Apple Juice in with the pork.  Six hours later (on low) I had perfectly tender and super flavorful Pork.  With about an hour left, I took the pork out and sliced it (like the photo actually) and it just wanted to fall apart!  I placed the slices back in the crock with a little BBQ sauce and let it cook while I made the rest of dinner!  YUM!