Saturday, February 16, 2019

Our Week in Photos #7

At the start of the week I really thought we would get 100% back into our routine but then the next winter storm rolled in and we had friends here for three days this week.  Despite that we did do some school and enjoyed our Valentine's party at our co-op too!

 After all of the ice storms and bitter cold we've had this weekend, we got a true winter snow storm this past week.  Lots of snow, decent winter temps and time to play outside.  The boys even did a little sledding down a neighbors hill.  
 This is my view for about four hours a day - looking at a computer screen with one of the boys with a nice view outside too.  
 Nate working on School work. 

 The table set for Valentine's day.  
 One of my favorites!  It's a tradition on Valentine's Day. 
 Dinner is served!  Notice there are now roses on the table from my sweetie!  

 Each of the boys had a bag of Valentine's goodies - some of their favorite candy, Pokemon cards and a matchbox car. 

We've missed the last two weeks of Friday school due to it being canceled but today we were finally back again!  
It was our Valentine's Party too and this was our box.  It is the brain child of Nate with Josh adding all of the Valentine's touches.  I think it is pretty awesome.