Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Vacation Day 3 - Some Driving, Some Animals, Spaghetti, Swimming and Pop Corn :-)

If you are just joining this vacation series, check out Day 1 and Day 2 before reading this post :-)

We got up Tuesday Morning and had to pack up to head out for the rest of our vacation.  We had originally planned to meet my brother Kel and his family in a little town called Yellow Springs but that didn't end up working out for various reasons.  Instead, we packed up and headed out in the area of Yellow Springs to a place called Youngs Dairy
 The farm had a lot of goats and a few young cows in the petting area.  The boys loved them but did not really want to touch them :-)  We were a little early in the season so some of the play areas were not open yet which was fine.

After playing with the signs and enjoying the animals, we went into the restaurant and got lunch.  Darryl and I both got fried  Cheese Curds with our sandwiches - they were fantastic.  While the kids finished their lunches, we also got some ice  cream - homemade right there - and it was so very yummy!!! 

Once we finished lunch, we headed on our way to Toledo.  We took some back rounds part of the way and really enjoyed it, even stopping to get some Slushies at a little Ice Cream Shop. 

We arrived at our hotel, Fairfield Inn and Suites, right at 4:00, checked in, unloaded and settled in.  I'm sure the hotel clerk thought we were going to be "those" people when our small cooler fell off the cart and dumped water all over the floor right in front of the elevator ;-) LOL  Oops!!! 

For dinner that night, we ventured into downtown Toledo and went to the The Spaghetti Warehouse

As you can see, the boys loved their dinner :-)  They both inhaled their Spaghetti :-)  Have you ever eaten at a Spaghetti Warehouse?  I did years ago and wanted to go back . . .honestly, it was just ok.  The sauce on the Lasagna tasted like it came out of a can and, yes it was 15 layer s. .. 14 of which were pasta noodles ;-) LOL  Oh well.  It was ok, just not some place I'd go again :-)

After we ate, we headed back to the hotel for some fun.
 Can you guess what we did?  Yep, we went swimming!!!  This was Nate's first time in a pool and Josh hadn't been in one since he was a baby.  They were beyond excited (We had actually walked them down to the pool on our way in from dinner and they couldn't wait to get into the big "bath")  Now neither of boys can swim so when we got into the pool area Darryl and I each took one of the boys and held them the whole time.  Nate had no fear.  As a matter of fact, he kept trying to get away from Darryl and would put his face in the water (coming up choking from drinking water though HA).  Josh loved the pool. . .. as long as he could hang on to me for dear life.  I would take him back to the steps where he would splash me and then jump into my arms and want me to swim to the other side and then bring him back.  They were beyond thrilled with the hour we spend in the water!
Once we got back to the room, the boys got baths while I attempted to popped popcorn to have for a special snack.  The microwave wasn't very good so we only got about 1/4 bag popped.  The boys loved their special treat.  Once they were done, we tucked them into bed.  Yes.  The same bed.  For the first time ever.  They thought it was awesome.  They did play for a little bit (we were sitting on the other bed watching TV - they thought that was fun too HA  It took them about 15 minutes to settle down and go to sleep. 

Another great day :-)  The boys were beyond thrilled to be staying in another hotel and were looking forward to more fun!

Tomorrow will bring day 4 of vacation - a very full day of fun and great food!