Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Teaching Tuesdays

This week we did not do nearly as well as last week.  We had some extra stuff going on like a fun family day on Wednesday, haircuts and Library on Tuesday and snow on Friday. What?  Wait.  We didn't plan that but put the first snow flakes on Friday the 13th and . . wow.  Crazy.  HA!  

The boys had their last gymnastics class for this session on Monday.  I didn't take photos - it is a hard room to take photos in - but I was very impressed with their balance on the beam.  Neither one can do a cart wheel yet but it isn't for lack of trying!  They also had their last Tae Kwon Do class on Friday.  When we started the semester, Josh loved it and Nate told me he didn't want to do it again.  On Friday, as it ended, Josh STILL loves it and Nate informed me that he wants his uniform and he plans on testing for a new belt next semester.  :-)  They both impressed me with their ability to learn the moves and retain the information.

This past week the boys had several projects they had to do for their portfolios. 
 Both boys have been learning about the elements of shape in art.  Josh had a project this week where he had to make 3-d art with texture.  So, we all had some fun with some of the worst homemade playdough. (For real- the recipe was awful). We all worked on making an animal.  Josh and I each made a questionable dog where as Nate created a very lifelike giraffe.  I helped Josh . . .Nate did his on his own . . .I am not artistic.  HA!  We also attempted to make cups and cupcakes. 
 Here's a close up of Josh's dog. 
And this has nothing to do with school but this is Josh and "his" cat.  He loves this cat . .. too much sometimes  :-)  The cat loves him too and can run really, really fast when he needs to. 
Back to school.  Nate had to build a nature center piece for his science class.  We all went outside and the boys went digging for stuff.  Rocks, leaves, sticks and flowers. 

We also had a fun visit from Darryl this past week (or I think it might have been the week before and I forgot to share it).  Darryl had a pick up near our house so he stopped by home for a little bit since he had some down time between when he dropped the guy off in town and when he had to pick him back up. The boys loved being able to see the inside of his cab.  :-) 

This week the boys are gone for a few days with my Mother-in-Law.  They will no doubt get some hands on science - she likes to take hikes, pick different things from their woods and look at bugs and birds.  They always come home with new bits of knowledge that they share with me often :-)