Thursday, October 31, 2019


Halloween is such a fun holiday.  I mean, what other holiday do you get to dress up as anything you want and then get free candy? ?

It's always fun to look back at photos!

 Josh 2009 My little sock monkey :-) 
 2010 Josh
 2010 Nate
2011 - Josh 
 2011- Nate
 2012 - Josh
 2012 - Nate
 2013 - Josh
 2013 -Nate
 2014 - Nate and Josh
 2015- Josh
 2015 - Nate
 2016 - Josh
 2016 - Nate
 2017  - Nate (Godzilla) and Josh (Enderman)
 2018 - Nate and Josh
And . . ..2019!! Josh is a wizard and Nate is a Creeper

We start talking about costumes in the summer so I have plenty of time to order what they want.  Nate's was a little bit of a fluke.  I got the mask online but couldn't find a costume.  He was just going to get a bright green shirt and black pants but we went into Wal-mart and found the PJ's (a "onsie") that was his exact costume!  How crazy is that!!