Friday, October 25, 2013

Food Friday - Without the Food

I haven't been doing any real cooking lately.  Due to my husband's back injury, his appitite is pretty slim or he just wants really mild foods due to the injury making him feel sick all of the time.  So, cooking is really not a lot of fun since I'm the only one that heats most of it.  Josh eats it but only the amount a 5 year old eats, which isn't much, and Nate only eats the bread.  Instead I'm picking stuff that I know the kids love - Mac and Cheese, Hot Dogs and grabbing a $5.00 pizza.  Obviously, because of that I haven't been trying anything new or even cooking old recipes that I haven't posted!  I do have one new recipe on board for lunch next week and actually, a couple for my breakfast and lunch so hopefully I'll have some new things to share, assuming those recipes are good! 

I thought I would take care of business in this post instead.  1) I recently cleaned up my blog lists - the lists of blogs I read - and the buttons on the side of the page.  I've found the buttons do me no good so instead I added the ones I read all of the time into the correct list and deleted most of the buttons.  I also removed any blog on my reader list that was older than about a month (well all but one because I'm keeping it for teaching ideas) and also a bunch that I've added over the year that I just never read.  Some I had found through pinterest and thought they had great ideas on them but then . . well, the fizzled.  2) I'm trying to update the recipe section on the blog.  There are more tabs on the top of the blog - I'm trying to divide the recipes I post into the right category so you can easily chose what you need.  I'm also continuing to clean out the recipes by not re-posting the ones we have never tried again OR tried again and didn't like :-) 

That's about it around here.  It's hard to believe we are going into the last week of October.  We actually had some light snow showers here on Thursday and more are expected.  My husband finally caved in and turned on the eat one night after I had gone to bed HA  I'm hoping for one 60 degree day mid-November so I can hang up Christmas lights but otherwise, I'm ready for a good solid winter!!