Wednesday, August 1, 2018

August Goals

I didn't do great on accomplishing my July goals.  I kind of feel like July disappeared before it even started but I think that's because we had so much fun!  So maybe my July goals should be . . Have Fun!! I did accomplish two huge things.  1) The boys room got emptied, cleaned, rearranged, and totally organized.  2) I cleaned out the boys desks and organized thier school books and supplies so that I know what they need for school.  and 2b) I cleaned off my desk! I still need to really clean it out more but I didn't want to get buried in cleaning out the drawers the day I was cleaning. 

A funny story.  The neighbors have been coming over and playing with the boys inside.  I find that when they are here, I clean like a mad woman.  Why?  Because it stresses me out to have neighbor kids in the house touching stuff HA!  I feel like I can't sit down because I need to keep an eye on them so instead I just start cleaning.  So, maybe it's good when they are here except it just wears me out HA!

So, here's my basic plan for August

1.  Cleaning.  Just continuing out with doing cleaning out.  I'm hoping to get the garage, camper, and Playroom completely done.

2. Scrapbooking - Just do something!  Uuugg!  I feel like I'm stuck in a rut and I can't get past it.  I'm on the fence about attending my favorite weekend crop in October - if it works out I think it will motivate me once again. 

3. School - It's time to think about school and some goals I want for the year.  I also need to start putting together plans for the classes I'm teaching in our co-op.  I'm teaching Michigan History so I actually need to have some knowledge locked in this old brain of mine :-)

4. Celebrations - As we enter the second half of the year we also enter celebrations!  Halloween, Josh's Birthday, Thanksgiving, Nate's Birthday and Christmas!  It's time to start thinking and planning so we can enjoy all of those times of years.

5. Just have fun - Sound familiar?  This is my mantra for August.  We have the full month without school so we are going to enjoy it.  Swimming, activities, and camping.