Tuesday, September 5, 2017

September Goals

With September starting - it's time for new goals!  I always hesitate to post my actual goals because I already know that I won't accomplish things and I don't want to be judged on that but I also think it's good accountablity and gives me a slight motiviation to work on things so I can have some success to share at the end of the month HA! \
September Goals
1.      Home
a.      Paint the trim/front door in the living room
b.      Finish the art work in the Living room
                                                    i.     Hang the framed photos
                                                   ii.     Pick up the last few frames for the photos I already have
                                                  iii.     Order photos from our photo shoot for the photo wall and frame
                                                  iv.     Purchase the clock for the living room and hang
c.      Have Darryl check the VCR/cord to see if it works
d.      Follow Flyladys weekly cleaning plan
e.      The Basement – Spend 30 minutes each week (2 hours in the month) working in the basement
                                                    i.     Need:  2 more shelves – one for the laundry room for camping storage and extra stuff; one for in the basement for storage
f.       The garage – spend at least 30 minutes each week organizing and cleaning out
g.      Prep and paint the dining room
h.      Order the boys photos for the walls
                                                    i.     Get 4 matching frames for the dining room wall
i.       Corner to corner cleaning
                                                    i.     Living room – Start in one corner and spend 15-30 minutes a day cleaning.  Includes, going through drawers, baskets, and bins and cleaning stuff out.  Making sure everything has a home, washing windows, and more. 
1.      Supplies I need:  1 shelf for all of my scrapbooks to get them off the floor
                                                   ii.     Master Bedroom – Start in one corner and spend 15-30 minutes a day cleaning.  Make sure stuff has a home, clean out under the bed!!
2.      Scrapbooking
a.      Order all of 2014 and 2015 photos that are not ordered.  (I want all of them for the two crops in October)
b.      Find packs of page protectors and put with the stacks of scrapbooks (I will sort through them once I get my shelf)
c.      Want to order: 1 album, 1 set of page protectors, 1 set of page pockets, and 1 month of digital photos and 1 set of pages
d.      Want to organize all photos on the computer so that they are ready to edit and then order.  Goal is to just order 1-2 sets (months) each month
e.      Goal is to complete 2 pages each day – so 14 pages a week – by the end of September (need to clean off desk!)
f.       Make plan for October scrapbook dates (Croptober Fest and Weekend Crop)
3.      School
a.      Order School Shirts
b.      Gather supplies for Agape/backpacks
c.      Lesson Plans for Agape – write the following Fridays plans on Saturday (or Sunday) So I’m always ready before the week begins.
d.      Stay current on all lessons and tasks in Connections
5.      Family
a.      Plan Josh’s birthday spacifically
b.      Plan our camping trip in October
c.      Future trips
                                                    i.     Plan a trip to Gulf Shores for Darryl’s birthday
                                                   ii.     Plan a trip to Metro beach over spring break
                                                  iii.     Plan a trip to the UP in July
                                                  iv.     Plan next summer’s camping trips
                                                   v.     Plan a trip to Chicago
                                                  vi.     Plan a travel trip for a future year
d.      September Possible events
                                                    i.     Sept 2 – Free Kid Flicks – How to Train your Dragon 3D
                                                   ii.     Sept 9 –
1.      Youth Day at Charlton Park
2.      Monarch Day at John Ball Zoo
3.      Attending a Baby Shower in Linden
                                                  iii.     Sept 10 – Darryl’s Concert
                                                  iv.     Sept 16 – Go to Boulder Ridge Park and Attend the Ionia Football game
                                                   v.     Sept 21 – Field Trip to the Orchard
                                                  vi.     Sept 24th – Matt Maher coneret with Darryl (If possible); Halloween Weekend at the campground
                                                vii.     Sept 28th – Ruth Everhart event at Baker
                                               viii.     Sept 29th – Agape September Mom’s Event
                                                  ix.     Sept 30th – Diary of  Wimpy Kid (Free Event)
                                                   x.     No dates yet –
1.      the event in Lake Odessa with the bounce houses
2.      Go to Heidis the last weekend on September??
3.      Ninjago Movie opens in September – Maybe see in Ionia?
4.      Saranac Park with Agape (can’t remember the date as I type this)
5.      Check out any other free movies – maybe in Lowell?
e.      Misc Items
                                                    i.     Work on eating healthier and finding time to exercise – discipline
                                                   ii.     Keep planning for Christmas
1.      Goal this month is to buy a few stocking stuffers
2.      Also – whats the chance we can get tickets for Michael W Smith??
                                                  iii.     Read books for book clubs/bible studies
                                                  iv.     Plant bulbs
Plan Thanksgiving