Thursday, June 21, 2012

Of Hot Days and Dirty Pools

I saw the picture above on a friends facebook page and almost died laughing.  How true is that?  WHEW it has been hot here in Michigan the past two days - hitting the mid-to-upper 90's is just crazy.  I'm really truly not complaining - in all reality, we've had beautiful weather, and the humidity hasn't kicked in too badly but heat it heat, right? 

So, this year we bought a "Wal-mart" kiddie pool with a slide.  It's a decent size for a kiddie pool.  My kids love it.  The other day, I was walking through the store and thought to myself, "Maybe I should get some chlorine stuff for the pool so I don't have to emptied it all the time . . .it would be crystal clear all of the time."  Then I thought, "Well, I had better get a pool vacuum too so I can clean it".  Which reminded me that I didn't have a filter and I, yes, I actually wondered if they made pool filters for kiddie pools.  When I told this to my husband, he said "Are you serious?  It's a kiddie pool!" LOL  What?  I love my pool.  Yes, I sit in it and so does my husband.  On Tuesday night, all four of us were out there, crammed sitting in this 24 inch deep pool (if it is filled to the rim . .which it never is so more like 12 inch deep pool) - the boys thought it was the best thing ever.  Josh kept saying "Oh, this feels so good" LOL.  I will say it doesn't take long for the pool to get icky.  The boys were outside this morning and peeked out at them.  The top of the pool looked funny so I went out and noticed that we had captured a herd of flying ants in the pool.  Gross.  When I went back out, both the boys and the pool were black.  They played in the mud.  Gross.  I've learned to empty the pool :-) 

We are already talking about moving up in the world of pools next year.  If I had a pool I could actually lay in, the only summer clothes I would buy would be bathing suits and cover-ups.  (And 1 shirt and pair of shorts for going out in public).  Seriously - I'd live in that pool.  In all honesty, I have a healthy fear of water and kids - they don't mix well.  There is a reason I only put 12 inches of water in that pool.  There is also a reason we won't be upgrading to anything that is taller than the boys - the pool situation will grow with them.  We plan on buying true swimming life jackets for the boys this summer for when we go to hotel pools or the lake.  Nate has zero fear of water so he needs one without a doubt.  Josh loves water if he can stand up in it or if he can hang on for dear life to one of his parents - so he needs one to protect him from something he is afraid of.  There are too many sad stories of kids and water, that is for sure. 

Anyway, I really didn't have anything else to post about today - I kinda cleared my "schedule" the past few days and just hung out with the kids - not doing much of anything except reading and "swimming".  It is supposed to cool off, for which I am thankful :-)