Saturday, November 1, 2014

Family Fun - The Life of Our Pets

 Truth be told, we love our pets.  Harley, our cat, has very quickly won a special place in our hearts.  Josh is especially found of him and loves to carry him around.  Harley always follows us into the boys room at night - in the photo above he is talking to me and giving me "what for" !  Recently, Josh was laying on his bed playing a game when Harley jumped up next to him, cuddled up, and went to sleep.  Yes, that made Josh one happy kid!
 Such an adorable face!!!

 As with any cat, they have to take over anything new.  Even with all of the laundry out of the basket, Harley curled up and went to sleep. 
And then there is China.  HA!  I will often find her in our room sound asleep with her head under the bed.  After all, if she can't see us, we can't see her :-)  This is her place to go to get away from a very noisy, busy house!