Saturday, September 21, 2019

Our Week in Photos #35

We had a super busy, super fun week!

 On Sunday my brother and sister-in-law, Kel and Deb, made a quick stop at Biggby's to meet us for coffee . .. well, actually to pick up a double stroller to take to my nephew and family :-)  We always love meeting up for coffee though! 

 On Monday, it was warm enough to swim so, we did!  We had to squeeze it in in between my mom's haircut and some school testing but we wanted to swim!  (Josh did actually get in a after I put my camera away!)  We love the pool (or at least I love the pool!! ) 

 On Tuesday we went on a field trip to a fairly local Cider Mill/Orchard.  It also has the most amazing petting ZOO with some awesome animals.  Oh, and I asked the boys for nice smiles and that face is what Josh gave me HA! 

 My mom, Nate and I ended our evening by going swimming - we only lasted about 45 minutes though - once the sun goes down, it gets chilly (even for me!)

Wednesday - Nate had some testing, our friends had a 1/2 day so we went to the pool for about an hour and a half!  It was a great day for swimming!  The boys then had piano lessons AND AWANA started on Wednesday night!  It was a super busy, fun day!

 On Thursday we had our annual field trip to Uncle John's Cider Mill with Connections Academy.  The boys got to meet their teachers and see some friends.  The weather was perfect.  (One year we went, met the teachers and left because it was raining; Another year we went, met teachers, suffered through the corn maze and left because it was 95 degrees and humid!) 

 The boys were interviewed for a TV segment.  When it airs I'll have to try and share a link!

 There just happened to be a sunflower field there so I finally got our annual sun flower photos -  I was sure I had miss our photo op since our local field was plowed under in August. 

 We ended Thursday at ANOTHER field trip to see a Ninja Warrior!  It was so cool and the boys got to run a small Ninja course three different times. 

(In case you were wondering, the boys were SUPER sore on Friday HA!) 

Speaking of Friday - we had Friday school! 

This was one of our busiest weeks of the fall.  As we start moving towards October and the colder months, things slow down and most of what we do will be . . .School!!!!