Friday, January 17, 2020

Weekly Menu - The mixed up week!

This coming week has lots of little things that are different than the norm!  I'll still work on keeping it simple and easy!

Friday - Since Nate's birthday is so close to Christmas, it was too hard to get is friends together for a party so, tonight is the night!  He has three friends coming over to spend the night and he wants Pizza Hut Pizza and Breadsticks so that is what he gets!

Saturday - Since the party is an all-night, I might be sleeping by dinner time HA!  For real though, simple is the key so leftovers are on the menu or Spaghetti.

Sunday - It's still football!  My plan is to have Chili going in the crock pot before we leave for church.  I'll cook up some spaghetti noodles after church (because Darryl loves his chili over spaghetti!) and we will enjoy that while we watch football!

Monday - It's TKD night so dinner is eaten in shifts.  I think we will just have chicken noodle soup and french bread.  It's simple and tastes good :-)

Tuesday - Nate and I have to go in for a sleep study (well, technically Nate does, I'm just along for the ride . .. well, actually I'm driving HA) Josh will be at my mom's so maybe Darryl, Nate and I will eat at McDonald's (Nate's favorite) before he and I leave.

Wednesday - AWANA - Pizza night!

Thursday - I might actually cook!  Zuppa Tuscana Soup - I can put it in the crock pot and let it go!  I'll make some garlic bread and maybe even add a nice salad to round it all out.