Monday, June 16, 2014

Homeschool Happenings . . .kinda

We had a busy weekend - so busy that I never got a chance to even write the a simple Father's Day Post for yesterday nor to put together the post I wanted to write for today but just as a teaser .  ..  .

I have 90% of our curriculum in hand.  I'm working on printing some things  . . . .wrap my mind around a timeframe . . .. and gather the last 10% of the items I need.  I've had some true budget blessings like someone actually giving me the phonics curriculum that sells used for $250 or more.  The US history study we will use as a suppliment for several years was 30% off a few weeks ago and the PE supplement I was looking at was also free for Teacher Appreciation Week a few months ago or so  I was also able to find a few things on Amazon for a much lesser price as well. 

With that said, this week we are busy with Vacation Bible School every night this week and a family gathering this coming weekend followed by surgery week.  I'm hoping to get some posts written during the day and even get ahead but I also have lots of projects to finish up and lots of play time with the kids this week too.  It's about time for me to get in that pool since it is warming up this week!