Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Lights

On Saturday evening, December 8th, we took the boys out Christmas Light Hunting and here are a few (not so great) shots of what we found.

It was so much fun.  The boys wanted their "ninows" down (windows) so that they could see the lights.  Nate would say, "Ooohhh I like that one" to every Christmas light he saw and it was so cute.  Josh just kept asking for more and more.  They were both pretty tired by the time we headed home, considering the fact that they got up at 5:45 and never went back to sleep even though I laid in their room in bed with them until 7:30 plus they got to do this today too ---
Yep.  It was snowing this morning and the ground was covered.  At 8:30 this morning I was putting them in coats, snowpants, boots, hats and gloves to play outside.  They surprised me by playing outside until almost 10:00.

After getting home from the Christmas light adventure, it was straight to bed and they were both asleep in about 2 seconds!