Friday, November 9, 2018

Weekly Menu

I planned a beautiful menu last week based on some themes for each day and had every intention of cooking it until I forgot what I planned and changed it the first two days that then threw off the rest of the week HA!  Now, can you believe that Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away?  I can't!  It's so early this year!! 

This week my kids are visiting their Grandparents for a few days which means I try to do less cooking but we are also down to one vehicle right now so that means that I'm stuck at home all three days they are gone HA!  I guess Darryl will have to bring home dinner a couple of nights ;-)

Here's the plan;

Friday - BBQ Cups and Mac and Cheese

Saturday - Tonight we will get something out - having one vehicle has limited my time to go to the store and we are running bare bones until I can go do shopping! 

Sunday - Corn Dogs, Bagel Bites, and Mac and Cheese - so whatever is in the fridge and freezer HA! 

Monday and Tuesday - The kids will be gone so Darryl and I will get something out.

Wednesday - the kids come home :-)  I never quite know when they will get home so I'll just have some chicken nuggets on hand in case they haven't eaten yet. 

Thursday - It's Taco Time.  It's been a few weeks since we've had Tacos !

It's a pretty easy week which is nice since I'm planning out Thanksgiving Dinner!