Friday, June 16, 2017

Weekly Meals - The one with camping

When I wrote last weeks menu, I was still on the "high" of thinking I could cook all kinds of stuff for camping.  Then I remembered that I don't want all of that work (yesterdays post!).  So I revamped it alot and here's the plan for the coming week!

Friday - Our annual dinner of Steak Kabobs (over the fire) baked potatoes (crock pot) and macaroni salad (Compliments of Walmart).

Saturday - After enjoying the last morning of camping, then loading up, coming home, and unloading . . I never want to cook.  We will either have leftovers depending on what we didn't eat while gone OR we will do a Taco Bell Run!

Sunday - Father's Day!  I have a nice breakfast planned - Waffle House Waffles (I found the recipe online) and Sausage.  Darryl hasn't decided what he wants - he is torn between going out or me cooking so once he decides, then we will go from there.

Monday - It's a busy night with baseball and I have practice.  So I think something simple for the kids and maybe hot dogs at the park for Darryl and I.

Tuesday - Finally.  Home.  Sloppy Joes and Baked Beans!!

Wednesday - We are meeting family for dinner in Grand Rapids!

Thursday - Chicken Alfredo, green beans and garlic bread.  Seriously, chicken is so expensive, I might buy a bag of that pre-cooked chicken strips and just throw them in with the pasta and store baought Alfredo sauce.

And then it is time to go to the store!!!