Thursday, December 4, 2014

December Goals

December!  It's here!  I kinda feel like our year is just beginning but . . well, it's ending.  2014 is winding down and so are my goals for the year!  I don't usually make a huge goal list for this last month because I really like to focus on family - hanging out, having fun and doing fun activities.  But, I do actually have some things I'd really like to wrap up before starting the new year so goals I will write!  If you would like to see what I accomplished in November, just click HERE.

The Home
1. The Kitchen - The projects continue.  I'm not sure if it will all get done prior to the end of the year but I plan to make sure that as much of it is done as possible.  Just not sure if all of the painting/cupboards will get done.  I do want to pick out the new wall decor from some photos I took this fall and have them ready to order/frame in January.

2. The Basement - I'm getting a little bit of a head start on my theme word for 2015 (which I won't share until later!) but I would like to spend about 1 1/2 hours a week (15 minutes a day) in the basement working on a whole list of projects I have - everything from cleaning to organizing to cleaning out.

3. The Play Room and the Boys Room - This is that carry over project from November - toys clean out and organization.  I want to break it down into bite size "pieces" so if I can take just 30 minutes a day and clean it should get done fairly quickly.  This is a key time to wipe down baseboards, wash windows, clean under things and just make sure the rooms are neat and tiday.

1.  Find a Blog Company and work on getting a blog book 2011, 2012, 2013. - This is one of those projects that I just need to work on in the evenings while watching TV.  I just never remember!

2. Finish 2013 (Dec). - this is almost done - just a few pages left :-)

3. Put together the Christmas Ornament book - I just need to get albums and make sure that the pages are printed.
4. Update the family album - I try to do this once a year to make sure that any professional photos are in the correct album.

5. Scrapbook Jan-March 2014 - I plan to attend a scrapbooking crop in a few weeks and hope to get this done at that crop.  I didn't take a whole lot of photos those three months since we were kinda snowed in the whole time HA!

1. Plan activities/themes to work on in January.  Specifically, I want to have supplemental worksheets to use with what they are learning but are more winter themed and also have at 4-8 crafts/special activities to do with them as well.

2.  A carry over item - go through all of the books and clean out the ones they don't like or don't read.

3. Find some recipes to make with the boys - they really want to cook but well, I tend to like to cook by myself.  Therefore, I need to find a balance and allow them to help with some things.

1. "Friends" Gifts - I have a few people that I want to give gifts to from our family such as our pastors and the boys Sunday School Teacher.  I need to get the few items made that I want to make and put their gifts together.
2. Family Gifts - Finish purchasing any gifts AND get them wrapped.  I need to figure out what "Santa" is getting the boys (because the boys are sure he brings them gifts) and wrap those in special paper that they don't see!

1. Nate's birthday things are almost all set - just need to pick up his last two gifts.  I ordered his t-shirt early to make sure I didn't have to "worry" if it would be here in time!
2. Continue to grow my Bible Study ideas.  I've recently "pinned" some ideas that I want to take time to look at and incorporate.

That's about it I think!  More than enough to keep me busy.