Thursday, July 11, 2019

Summer Week # 6

Last week was such a great week with family!  This week will be a little slower which is totally fine!  I feel like we aren't doing a whole lot but my kids are real home bodies so I try to find a nice mix of things to do while allowing them to hang out at home too. So, as with the other weeks, I write the post with the plan for the week and then add in bold what we actually do.

Friday - Hanging with family, swimming, dinner and games with everyone.  We had so much fun on the last day with my brother and sister-in-law!  We did all of these things and . . .laughed! 

Saturday - After a busy week, today the plan is to hang low, do some grocery shopping, catch up on a few things and relaxing! I stuck to the plan.  We enjoyed another dinner at my mom's with leftovers ! 

Sunday - Today is church.  The boys want to visit our splash pad which is new to our town this year so we might head over there after lunch. We had lunch with my mom and then . . just went home.  We all just relaxed at home and never made it to the splash pad! 

Monday - My original plan was either to head to Micheals for a craft or it is baby animal week at our local zoo.  In reality, neither of those are happening!  It's too hot for the zoo :-)  Monday's plan is to swim after having a few days off from the pool.  We really enjoyed the pool - it was quiet compared to the previous week! 

Tuesday - Today is busy :-)  The boys have an Orthodontist appointment in the morning and then in the afternoon we are going to an art class being put on by our Friday School art teacher. The boys ortho appointment went great and we had fun at the art class!! 

Wednesday - I think Darryl is taking the day off work - if he does I'm hoping we can clear out a cluttered area in our yard that just needs us to take and hour and do.  Get rid of some trash stuff, cut down some over grown and mow.  Nate also wants to play the game of life and we might convince Darryl to go to the pool with us too! Darryl did not take today off so plans changed.  We actually started our day at the clinic because Josh has swimmer's ear and then we went swimming followed by dinner at pizza hut with my mom. 

That's our week!