Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Book Study - Longing for Paris

The first book form the large stack of books I'm hoping to read throughout the rest of the year that I cracked open is this book entitled "A Longing for Paris" .  I heard about it well over a year ago and, is my standard practice, I dropped it into my Amazon "cart" so I wouldn't forget out it.  Darryl needed to order a few things, saw it sitting there and ordered it for me as a surprise.  It then sat on the shelf like all of the rest of the books for a long time. 

In learning to walk through this new path called grief, I started searching for books on dealing with grief and difficulties in life.  I happened to pick this up and read the first chapter and realized that this "fit" what I was looking for right now.  It's not emotionally charged nor does it specifically deal with grief but rather it deals with finding your hopes and dreams after they have been lost or misplaced. 

I have been to Paris and it is beautiful.  The whole idea behind this book is not necessarily about going to Paris, unless that is your dream, but rather finding what your dreams are; what your longings are; and then learning how to fullfill those longings right where you are living. 

This simple truth about how much God cares about us which includes our dreams is such a great reminder.  Too often it is easy to get caught up in the idea that everything has to be a sacrifice and it doesn't.  We can have wishes and dreams and happiness IN Christ too. 

I'm only on chapter three and am working on some of the challenges the author gives at the end of each chapter which I will share in future posts about this book.  So far, I'm enjoying it and am finding it encouraging.