Thursday, April 24, 2014

Weekly Menu - The One with My Birthday!!

Wow, it's my birthday week.  How did that happen?  This year, my birthday falls on a Sunday, which is nice because I don't have to plan my day - instead I get a day "off"  .. kinda :-)

Here's our plan for the coming week!

Friday - It's the start of the birthday weekend so the kids will get Mac and Cheese and Darryl and I will order in!  No cooking for me YEAH!

Saturday - Darryl has the day planned and, again, no cooking for me!

Sunday - We'll be at my parents so, again, no cooking for me :-)  I haven't decided what I will do about my cake . . .I usually make myself a turtle cake because I love it and it is my birthday but I would have to make it on Friday so I'm not sure  . .

Monday - Back to reality ;-)  I'll do something with Chicken, Potatoes and a veggie. (I don't even plan on going to the store until tonight after practice so it is "clean out the fridge" night!)

Tuesday - It is time to grill - the plan is Hamburgers or pork chops - depends on what is on the best sale this week!.  We did chicken last week and it was awesome.  The sides will be based on the mean choice.

Wednesday - I "think" Darryl will be going to practice this week so I'll pick up frozen pizzas for the boys and I.

Thursday - It is Soccer night so we'll grab something after soccer.

That's the plan . . .always subject to change!