Wednesday, June 14, 2017

June goals (even though it's half over!)

Earlier this week I posted my year goals using my birthday as the "year" date (even though I posted it a few months late ha!).  I have always liked to get a little more specific each month on goals related to and not related to that list. Yes, June is half over.  But, we had to finish up the last lagging details of school before I could focus on anything else.  Now, though, school is done and it is time to be diligient on things OTHER than school!!!  (Homeschooling really does take up a good portion of my time from Sept. - June!)

Here is my plan for the rest of the month:
1) Being intentional with weekly planning.  Each day I will post the schedule of the day for the kids.  I've found a few inspirations on pinterest but, as is usually the case, mine will be much simplier!  I like the idea of posted schedule because it will allow the kids to see what is planned (and unplanned) for the day. Included in this schedule are reading times (for reading programs) and school review - we are specifically practicing handwriting and reviewing math.
2) Scrapbooking - my nephews book is done!  (It had to be!) Moving forward with scrapbooking here's how June needs to shape up:
     a) Put together the shelf I ordered to hold all of my scrapbooks and then some.
     b) Put scrapbooks on that shelf AND tag (in some way) each book that needs work.  So, basically, as I put them on the shelf, I want to take a quick peek and see if it needs anywork.  Then I can go back through and finish them up)
     c) Sort all of the photos I have ordered already
     d) Scrapbook a total of 12 two pages spreads (basically 2 a day . .. with some free days thrown in since we will be busy sometimes)
3) Home - Finish the living room painting.  We did the bulk of it over memorial day but we need to paint out the trim and the door.  In general, I'm working on a "be a minamalist" plan for cleaning.  I'm planning to focus on a room a day (for example, every Monday I will work in the kitchen, Tuesday the bathroom ect).  Finally, the garage and basement are just projects that are never ending that Darryl and I continue to work on.
4) Family - I'm working really hard this summer to do things as a family.  We are camping, swimming, and more.  (June is kinda busy already!!)

I think that's a good starting point for June (especially since, well like I said, it's almost over!)