Saturday, February 2, 2013

Weekly Menu.

Last week was a good meal week :-)  Lots of ham and chicken cooked a variety of ways . . .but my grocery bill was low!

Can you believe that it is already February? Where did January go?  Usually January tends to drag a little after the busy holidays but not this year.  I think it is because I was still sick half-way into the month so I only really remember the last two weeks :-)

So what is the plan for the coming week?  Check it out!

Tuesday - Beef Tips and Noodles with Salad.  I had this planned for a week ago but we ended up not eating it so I figured this was a good time to make it!

Wednesday - Going out to dinner with friends!

Thursday - Taco Soup  - another meal I had planned for a week or so ago and then didn't make for some reason.

Friday - Frozen Pizza for everyone - I'm heading to a ladies night out with snacks and fun stuff; leaving the boys at home

Saturday - Mac and cheese for the kids; We will order in and watch a movie - we usually do this on Friday but since I am going to a movie night with ladies from the church, we'll do this tonight.

Sunday - Roast, Noodles, Carrots and rolls

Monday - Chicken Parmesan with spaghetti and garlic bread.  This is another recipe from a few weeks ago. It is a true "hit" with the family since the boys love spaghetti!! 

Sounds good to me!