Friday, December 5, 2014

Weekly Menu - Crazy Weeks

So, last weeks menu didn't happen because we had work start in our kitchen that we didn't think would happen yet which left me without water or counters.  I didn't feel like needing to wash pots and pans and everything else in the bathroom sink so Darryl picked up dinner for us every night.  Thanks to some coupons and a gift card, we kept the cost of dinner down to about $10.00 a night which isn't two bad for four people! 

I had a menu written for this coming week  since I thought that the kitchen would be all put together by Friday and was looking forward to cooking once again but . .. the countertop guy got stuck on another job which has put us behind and I'm not looking at not having a working kitchen until sometime next week.  So, once again, we'll be eating "in" for dinner.  It's actually nice, I must admit, to not have to plan and cook dinner or do any cleanup other than toss the trash so I'm not really complaining.  Lunch has been a little bit of a challenge.  The boys are tired of PB and J and I'm tired of cheese and crackers.  :-)

So here is our simple plan for this coming week:

Friday - We will be putting up and decorating our tree tonight.  Before we start though, we have to go buy lights (since we have none!) so we'll get something for dinner.  Maybe we'll use the boys Book-It certificates for November and go to Pizza Hut.

Saturday - McDonald's, most likely :-)

Sunday - We might do a "smorgesborg" of choices - Darryl and I - Subway; Josh - Taco Bell and Nate- McDonalds.  

Monday -  It's Taco Bell's Turn! I may actually have Darryl get our food from the Adobe (our favorite Mexican fast food place) and then grab Taco Bell for the kids. 

Tuesday - Little Ceaser's.  Now, I'm hopeful that we will have a working kitchen by the end of Tuesday.  If we do - I'll do a little shopping Tuesday evening to finish out the week.  If not, well, I think you can see the pattern in our choices.

Wednesday - Friday - Hopefully I can cook again :-)  We'll probably have some simple things - Breakfast for dinner (Waffles and Sausage), Pork (Roasted) and Beans w/Green beans and Rolls, and Tacos.