Friday, June 2, 2017

Weekly Menu

For some odd reason I feel like I ran to the store way too much this past week.  Just little things that were needed.  Even yesterday, I ran to our local market to just grab bread thinking that is all that was needed to get us through the weekend until I got home and, apparently, a troll in the fridge drank almost the whole gallon of milk HA!  Good thing we have a dairy store in town with a drive -in so I can get milk without going into the store! Anway, this is the week were I try to use up the food I bought the last three weeks that we didn't end up using for various reasons.

Friday:  Hamburger Strogenoff, noodles and yeast rolls.

Saturday:  The boys are with my mom today while Darryl and I head out on a date day.  One of the many reasons we like having my mom near by for a few months - Darryl and I can get out for a date!

Sunday: Spaghetti with meatballs and garlic bread

Monday: Roasted whole chicken, crash potatoes, and veggies

Tuesday: Breakfast - pancakes, sausage, and fruit

Wednesday:  Baseball - we just grab and go (and sometimes get a hot dog at the game!)

Thursday:  I have zero inspiration thinking about next Thursday.  Leftovers? Pizza?  Taco Bell? Who knows!