Monday, June 20, 2016

Father's Day

Yesterday was Father's Day.  We spent the day at the beach with my mom.  We needed to all just get away from everything and do something different.  Before we had kids, my husband and I often skipped church on both Mothers and Fathers day because, well, it didn't apply to us.  This year, we skipped Father's Day because, well, we didn't want that reminded of what we have lost.  My dad has left a tremendous legacy and for that I'm so beyond thankful and I know he is far happier in heaven and wouldn't want to leave but boy, do we miss him! 

 To say the water was cold is an understatement but we all got in it anyway.  My mom was a trooper - those boys were dragging her all over the place and had her playing in the sand.  They make her smile.
 Nathan loves the beach and the water.  He's my water bug.
 Josh loves the sand.  He likes the water.
 Happy Father's day to this guy!  He's our rock and the guy that makes us all laugh. 

And of course, in honor of my Pops.