Friday, June 10, 2016

Weekly Menu

My weekly menu changed last week because my husband needs "softer" foods.  The oral surgery he had is taking much longer to heal with unexpected complications so he requested foods that he could eat carefully.  So, we ate differently than planned and I've ended up with lots of stuff in the fridge/freezer/cupboards.   

Friday:  Homemade Pizza Rolls, Chips and Salad

Saturday:  Bacon ranch Chicken Strips and California Spaghetti salad - we are actually meeting my mom for a movie and lunch/early dinner so I'm not sure if we will actually eat this. 

Sunday:  It's time to grill!  Hamburgers on the grill and fried zucchini and Spaghetti Salad

Monday:  VBS has started so it makes for a tight schedule.  Normally Darryl and I would go out for burgers at Applebees after getting the boys to VBS BUT Nate has baseball practice and he learned that at the last practice they play a game against the parents so now he wants to go to practice so I can play ball.  I'm hoping he changes his mind HA!  The last time I played baseball I took a baseball to the eye - it wasn't fun :-/

Tuesday: McMaster Sausage McMuffins, Eggs, and Fruit  (Even as I type this, I'm not sure this will happen.  The kids and I will be at the end of the school year party all day and there is VBS in the evening for one and baseball for another . . .I'm guessing we will end up with Taco bell HA!)

Wednesday: Tacos and Chips (Tonight - one goes to VBS and one has a baseball game!) 

Thursday:  Italian Meatball Subs and Pizza Pasta Salad  I might be exhausted by the time Thursday comes around . . .I'm not making any promises on this meal . . it might be Little Ceasers!)

Summer is here.  My disclaimer the past 10 years is . . if the "feels like" tempeture hits 90, Darryl brings dinner home.  Honestly, I'd rather cook than have 90 degree days so I'm hoping for a cool summer!