Monday, March 16, 2015

Make It Monday - A New Bed

This past week we had some fun "making" a new room for the boys.  We've been talking about getting the boys bunk beds for well over a year.  There are a a few reasons.  One, it would open up a lot of floor space in their room for toys and, well, Legos.  Two, Josh's bed frame was completely falling apart. I've been searching online for months for the perfect bed.  I finally had found one so we drove to the furniture store to check out the one I found online  . . . and saw another one that was tons betters, came with drawers, for the same price.  So, after searching for months . . we bought one that we never once saw online HA! 

 Despite the mess, I wanted to get some before photos of their room.  I'm the first one to admit that their room got a little messy but I knew that the bed was coming so . . I figured I would organize and clean once the bed was in the room!
 So, we had to first clean everything out of the room.  I had some awesome helpers.  They got busy with hammers and ripped that thing apart.  (For real). 

 Harley the cat took over the headboards once I moved them into the dining room.  He is so photogenic.
 Nate wanted a picture of himself in the room licking the hammer.  What?  Don't all kids lick a hammer?
 I then laid the mattresses down on the floor so Nate went to get Josh and made him close his eyes so he could surprise him.  It was super cute :-)
 Then the boys got to jump on their mattresses for the rest of the day. 
 They loved hanging out in their room. 
And Nate loved sitting underneath the headboards in the dining room.

 Josh's face - kills me.  Wow.  Needless to say, the boys were crazy excited when the workers arrived with the bed. 
 They hauled chairs up to the door so they could watch the "Bunk bed Super Heros" put the whole thing together.

The final product!  A bonus?  See the drawers?  I asked if the drawers came with bed and was told no.  In all my research, I learned that those drawers run an additional $250.00.  We didn't really need them and I don't mind having storage under the bed.  So I was quite surprised when they drawers showed up with the bed.  I guess since it was the floor model - we got the whole thing!  Oh, and the boys picked the bed - they LOVED the white and you know what?  They have good taste - it goes perfectly in their room!