Friday, November 29, 2019

Weekly Menu

Now it's that between Thanksgiving and Christmas where we do some fun things but try to spend as little money as possible HA!  That fine balance of doing Christmas shopping and being intentional with it all while still keeping up with life's responsibilities!  That means sticking to a menu and our food budget is pretty important this month too!  I'll be honest, I've been a little "lazy" the past few weeks with our eating out budget . . .we've stopped a few times for lunch or grabbed dinner because it was easy.  This month I have to be tough! HA!  It doesn't meant we won't eat out - just that we need to NOT eat out when it isn't planned! 

So, with all of that said, here's the plan for the coming week:

Friday - Tonight the boys are at a friends house for a birthday party so Darryl and I get a "free" date night. 

Saturday - My mom offered to make dinner with Thanksgiving Leftovers so we won't turn her down!

Sunday - I'm hopeful we will still benefit from those Leftovers creations of my mom today :-)

Monday - Back to reality of cooking HA!  Tonight will be Tacos to keep it easy (And to make it easier - I had plenty of leftovers last Monday so I froze them to use tonight!)

Tuesday - Pulled Pork BBQ, Homemade Applesauce, and Biscuits.  This is also a benefit of leftovers from last week - a week ago I made a pork loin.  I froze the leftovers for dinner tonight.  I had planned to make applesauce last week but it didn't happen so I kept the apples to do it this week.  I love simple meals

Wednesday - The boys are back to AWANA this week so Frozen Pizza it is!

Thursday - Ham and Cheese Quiche, Lemon Bread, and Fruit.  Guess what?  Leftovers! I had some diced Ham I used in another recipe a few weeks ago that I froze plus I have a pie crust in the freezer so it's easy to make the quiche and the bread is from a box mix. 

I love it when I can use items in my freezer to keep our grocery bill lower and also make some amazing meals!  (When we have good food to eat - it is easier to eat at home!)