Friday, September 8, 2017

Weekly Menu . . .And . . .it's fall

Ok, it's not really fall but school has started, football is starting and cooler weather is ahead.  This week, I've returned to Pocket Change Gourmet for my menu inspiration for this week.  I'm tired of planning menus and this site actually is pretty close to what we like to eat so, at the very least, it directs me to recipes we like anyway but I just haven't used.

Friday - The boys and I are heading to Linden so we will grab something on the road.

Saturday - I don't know.  I'm non-commital because we are returning from Linden and I'm not sure what time we will get back.

Sunday - Football Sunday!  My husband has a concert in the morning so I think we will grab something on the way home so we can jump right into football!!  I'm thinking of ordering a Pizza for dinner . . .

Monday  - Pancakes, Fried Potatoes, and Bacon

Tuesday - Tacos

Wednesday - AWANA starts this week so it's simple food .. . . probably just mac and cheese

Thursday - Darryl won't be home for dinner so I don't tend to cook a big meal - maybe leftover Tacos or frozen pizza.

What a boring week of food HA!  AND even though I looked at the menu at Pocket Change Gourmet, I didn't use much of it, did I?  Geesh!