Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happenings in this House

Welcome to another installment of "Happenings in this House" - enjoy a walk through our week!

 We made applesauce this week - it is the first time Josh has cooked with me and he really enjoyed use the Apple peeler/corer/slicer. 

 For some odd reason, the swing has become the best thing in the world.  The boys fight over who gets to sit in it.  I use it for the little munchkin I watch so I guess the other two see him have fun and want the same thing.  They actually like it more now than they did when they are tiny!
 Of course, we removed the old stove and got a new one.

 And celebrated St Patrick's Day!!

Finally, we ended our week with a surprise Birthday Party for Grandpa Charlie who is turning 70.  Darryl was off in Bay City learning how to drive a big rig so the boys and I took off out of town for the party.  The boys were awesome and had so much fun with noisemakers and the other little kids at the party.  Charlie was very surprised which is always fun to see.

So, that's our week!  Hope you had a great week too!

Creative Memories Spotlight - National Scrapbook Day Products

Nearly 20 years ago, Creative Memories had a little seed of an idea: establish one day dedicated to scrapbooking.  This idea has grown into an international celebration.  All over there will be "National Scrapbooking Day" Events held throughout the month of April.  So why not plan your own day - either just a day for yourself where you can work on projects or invite some friends over for a girls day and work on catching up on your photo projects.  I will be attending a scrapbooking crop this Tuesday, March 22nd, which I have deemed as my "National Scrapbooking day". I'll be busy from 10am - 10pm with some specific goals in mind.  1) Complete everything from 2008 2) Put all printed pages from 2009 in an album 3) Complete all editing on 2009 pages (which are done) and get them ready to order.  When I finish those three items, I will than continue work digitally on 2010 photos. 

There are some really pretty items that have come out for National Scrapbook Day and are only available from March 1- May 31st (wsl).  I'm saving my pennies to be able to get each of these items and hope you that they appeal to you too!

The Ltd. Ed. National Scrapbook Day Fun & Fab Album.  This is available for $32.00 - isn't it adorable?  It would be great for a yearly album or for a sweet little girl.  With all boys in the house, I don't get a lot of pink but I will be using this album for my 2011 photos.  I love the flower decal on it.  You can also get this as a bundle which would include 2 packs of white pages and 2 packs of page protectors for $62.00 (a value of $83.00)

Fun and Fab 12x12 sticker sheet that matches perfectly with the above album or stands on its own to work with current projects.  This sells for $5.00.
There is also a Fun and Fab Digital Kit for those of you with the Creative Memories Software.  This sells for $8.95.

I also wanted to share this - this is really an item designed for consultants to use at a National Scrapbooking Day event but, as I'm not actually hosting one (maybe in my next house LOL) and you may be gathering with with friends, well, why not share?  This pack includes all of the pre-cut cardstock needed for 12 people to complete three make n' take ideas with leftovers to do more.  The pack also includes three idea sheets to use to make the designed ideas. OR If you are like me, purchase one and use the paper however you wish!
The best part?  You can get this for $4.50 and includes:
� 12 x 1.5 cardstock strip � 4.5 x 6.5 cardstock photo mat � 5 x 7 cardstock photo mat � 3 idea sheets (one for each make n’ take opportunity) (which would mean 12 of each in each packet . .. )
If you are interested in any of the above items - they are only available through me!  Just contact me with your information and I'll get that order placed.
There's more . .. but this, you can order yourself from my Website.
To go along with that beautiful album there is also a new Power Palette Set called "Fabulous".  Between March 1 and April 30, 2011 you actually save $20.00 when you purchase the full power palette in honor of National Scrapbook Day.  You can get the entire system which includes:
16 sheets 12x12 Tone-on-Tone Papers 16 sheets 12x12 Designer-Print Papers 96-piece Storybox 3 sheets of Title Stickers 2 sheets of Decorative ABCs 4 rolls of Paper Ribbon 64 Paper Flowers 64 Paper Buttons
for $49.95.  (Reg $60.50 with a value of $70.50)
There, of course, is also a digital version available for both the PC and Mac for $10.95 each

There are so many great products to choose from and I always love the specials and Limited Edition Items that they display periodically.  And here's a teaser for you . .. I'm in the process of creating a Memory Keepers Club where you can earn free product.  This is something that Creative Memories endorses but currently is revamping . .. I'm tired of waiting so I'm putting together something for all of you that order! Points will be earned with any orders placed beginning . .. NOW!  LOL  I plan on having the details to post for you in the next Creative Memories Spotlight. 

Thank you and have a wonderful day making . ..and scrapping .. your memories!