Thursday, May 30, 2019

Summer Planning

Last summer I took time to lay out some basic summer plans.  You can read all about last summers fun HERE.

I like to print off calendars and fill them in for June-September.  I look to add events like the free Library activities, free movies, park days, free bowling days and more.  By laying it all out on the calendar it allows me to get an overall picture of what we want to do and what we can do. 

This year I did something a little different.  I put all of the little events on the monthly calendars as well as things already planned liked a Family Reunion and a camping trip.  I then made a "bucket" list of ideas that the boys have requested so that we fit those in too.

What's on our bucket list?
--Playing at a trampoline park (we have loved a place called "Catch Air" for years but the boys are very close to aging out of being able to go so we are transitioning to the trampoline park.)
-- Craigs Cruisers.  This is an amusement park like place with an arcade, go-carts, bumper cars and more.  It's another thing that that the boys are finally getting older enough to enjoy
--Windmill Island - this is a fun tourist thing to do in Holland, MI and has been on the list for a couple of summers.  The boys have both learned about it in Michigan History so I think it's time to go.
--A River Boat Cruise.  There are a couple of options between Grand Rapids and Lansing.
-- Visit Splash Pads.  There is one in our town now plus several in surrounding towns. 
-- Visit Boulder Ridge "Zoo" - it's a local Animal Refuge that we enjoy (and I love the giraffes)
-- The Grand Rapids Children Museum - our library offers free passes that you can check out once a year.  It's time to check it out again!

Of course, our biggest activity in the summer is swimming at the pool.  This is the last year my mom will be at the campground since she has moved close to us now so we want to enjoy the pool as much as possible.  (Or maybe I should say I want to swim as much as possible - I might love it more than anyone else!)

As I did last year, I'll share our weekly recap of our summer fun.