Thursday, September 9, 2010

Along The Toddler Way book Review

This is the second book I wanted to get read by Christmas and I finished it today.  This book is the second book by Ezzo and Ezzo (see my other review under "books") and I enjoyed this one a little more.  I think that they have some great concepts when it comes to raising good children.  Some of the truths that stuck out to me were raising one command kids which means they learn that when you tell them to do something, you expect obedience the first time.  Of course, this means consistency on the part of the parent because if obedience isn't the immediate reaction, than the parent has to follow through.  Compared to as much detail as they went into in the first book, this one seemed like an over view but the ideas themselves are easy to grasp too.  I did not agree with everything but isn't that typical?  I personally do not agree with using a crib as a place of punishment.  I don't want their crib, at this age, to be associated with doing something wrong because i want my kids to want to go to bed.  The author does address this and he states that they will be able to tell the difference because you will use a stern voice and there won't be the kisses and snuggles that happen at bed time.  I'd prefer to use a different location though.  Would I recommend this book?  Absolutely.  Would reading Along the Infant Way help with this book?  Not necessarily - there are a few terms you might not recognize but they are not imperative to glean good concepts out of this one. 

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