Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Teaching Tuesdays - Haivng Fun

This is the first week that the munchkin has been out of school so, with that in mind, I knew that we had to do something to break up the long afternoons.  Our week was filled with fun and a little review!

Our week started with a first - only Nate was home on Monday.  Josh stayed with my parents an extra day.  Due to a very late night home on Sunday night, Darryl took an unplanned day off and we did some things around the house/yard.  One of those things was mowing the grass and I love this photo.  Nate loves to walk in Darryl's footsteps when he mows.  I looked outside and saw a "game" of follow the leader. 

We also set up the pool.  The boys were all beyond excited to get to play in it on Tuesday afternoon.  This came after we did some review pages of course! 

On Wednesday, the boys played in the pool from 10:30 AM (because that is the earliest I would let them get in it or they would have gone in at 9:00!) until 4:00 PM.  They scarfed down their lunch in 10 minutes so they could get back outside.

Thursday we did some review pages and then on Friday, we did an art project about Plant Needs and Parts of a Plant. 

 Nate's very neat work!  He kept asking me if I liked "how proper" he was doing his work.  (This was because the other two boys did some scribbling in a race to get done first!)
 We also read this book - it's awesome!  The boys were totally engrossed in the rhyme, the photos, and the names of all of the bugs and flowers on each page.

Josh's work of art. 

The boys did finally plant our "garden" on Saturday.  I will admit to a total garden fail this year.  We had such a cool/cold spring that I put off putting in plants so they wouldn't freeze and then we just weren't home on any weekends.  The boys finally picked out their seed packs when we were at the store and planted them totally unsupervised.  I'm just hoping they sprout and but I doubt we will actually get anything to pick this year. Oops :-)