Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Outside My Comfot Zone

Have you ever done anything outside of your comfort zone?  I did this week.  Ironically, it is something that didnt' used to be outside that zone but when you haven't done something in a long time and are doing it in a new environment, well, that comfort zone is gone!!!

In March, I joined the Lakewood Area Choral Society and I love it.  I have been wanting to join for a few years but our schedule didn't allow for me to make it to the practices so I just had to wait.  I am beyond thrilled to be part of this fantastic group - the director is beyond amazing and there is nothing better than being in a room with a bunch of people that love to sing. 

Well, on Monday night, try-outs took place for both solos in some upcoming songs as well as specials for the next concert.  Now, I've sung solo's in church since I was 13.  Over the past few weeks I worked on a song and had planned to try out for the solos as well . .. until I figured out that my comfort zone walls were being stretched.  See, I haven't even sung in church in over a year because we have been in between churches.  Yes, I miss singing.  Very much.  The first time to sing again is always tough and I doubted even trying it but . . .I did it.  I tried out for a special - as did several others so who knows :-)  What I did not do was try out for a solo.  I tend to be very uncomfortable when I don't know how the process works so tonight I sat and listened and watched to what other did.  It was actually very relaxed - the direction is really just listening for voices.  The good news?  There is still one solo that no one tried out for so I'm going to work hard on it the next two weeks and try out for it even if it is just to get the first time out of the way! 

Here is the song I'm singing:

(I apoligize for the quality of the video, it is the only one I could find)

We do have some upcoming concerts so feel free to check out the website for date :- )

And I'll let you know how my next try out goes too!