Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Too Cute Not to Toot

Welcome back!

This first idea might be cheating but I like it so I'm going to share it.  It is actually from Not on the high street.com and is actually something that is for sale. It isn't very often that I see something and think "I can make that" but this is one I feel like I can.  It's just a canvas and wooden letters which is then painted.  I have a wall that is considered the only "hallway" in our house that is seriously lacking and I love the simplicity of this idea. 
 canvas + wood letters, then paint the whole thing.

The next idea  is a great gift idea from All Red Design and is a super cute idea.  As a former teacher, this would make a great teacher gift especially if you threw in a gift card for pizza or even to the real movies :-) 

We are waiting for snow around here - enough snow to build snowmen so when I saw this cute idea over at Sometimes Creative for a snowman kit.  I don't know if I will get this made this year but it is on my project list so I can get it made before next winter - a couple of sets would be good! 
When I saw this idea over at Little Green Fingers for a sunken trampoline, I had to share. I would love to put this in the yard but I think I need a bigger yard :-(  I would go out and jump on it if it was sunken in the ground!
One last idea, and yes it is another outdoor idea but this one, I WANT and I think I can do!  It comes from Better Homes and Garden and is an outdoor matchbox race track.  My kids love to take their cars outside in the summer (much to my husbands dismay!) so this would be perfect. 
Happy Crafty :-)