Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The "Big" Closet Move

Ever since we moved the boys into what used to be our room (thus what was considered the "master") I've wanted to switch the closet organizers.  To be honest, I thought it was a 3 day project and even considered buying another closet system for the boys room so that we wouldn't be without a closet for . . .a week or two.  Yes, I am an over thinker.  Yes, we tend to not tackle projects because we think they will take too long.  Generally we are surprised and this time, we were, once again surprised.  In a matter of, well, an hour (for real!) we had our closet system out, the boys closet system out, and then the boys closet system installed in our closet.  The next evening Darryl hung the organizer in the boys room from ours.  That's it.  Crazy. 

So, here is the "before" of the boys closet:

Ok, my "dirty" little secret:
When we redid the boys room awhile ago, I painted around the closet organizer.  Needless to say, when we took it down, I had to run to Menards and get some paint mixed up to match the wall.  The boys enjoyed it though because they got to help paint this little section with me. 

Finally, the "after":
Yes, that is my child playing a video game that he can play better than anyone in the house, including his dad.  So, by doing this switch, I was able to shift the dresser into the closet which opened some more floor space in their room.  It also makes their clothes more easily accessible.  Before, Nate had to literally climb behind book cases to get to his stuff.  Now, they each have a half a rod on the same level and it works perfectly. 

The before of our closet:

The after:
Ahhhh, my baby is back home (hahahaha).  See, about 8 years ago, after living with an awful closet for a few years, I bought this system with some birthday money so that we could have a nice closet.  Yes, that is all the closet space we have but, amazingly enough, it holds most of our clothes.  Darryl's out of season and his dress clothes hang downstairs in the laundry room but considering the fact that they are, well, one - out of season and, two - he only wears dress clothes once a week, it's ok.  I love having a place for our shoes again and also some more storage shelves. 

After Darryl finished hanging up the boys closet system on Friday evening, I spent all day Saturday organizing clothes, moving stuff around and cleaning up the playroom.  Now we are ready for some more pick changes coming later this week!  We can't wait!