Monday, August 22, 2016

Summer Fun - August 15th

 This week we focused just on summer fun.  I don't even have great photos to share!  Now that swim lessons are done, the boys had more freedom to stay at the campground.  They went to Nana's on Sunday and finally came home on Thursday.  Then, guess what, they went back on Friday HA!  They loved their freedom at the campground where they got to take the dog for a walk around the park, got to go on a hayride on Friday night and, of course, we swam almost every single day.  A couple of the days we took the munchkin and princess with us and enjoyed hours of fun in the pool in the afternoon.  Other times we swam in the evenings.  Summer is winding down and we are just trying to soak it all in before Nana returns home and school takes up part of our days.