Thursday, February 19, 2015

Our Sunday Routine

I don't know about you but Sunday Mornings can be a bit hectic and yes, stressful.  Several years ago, I read a great book that I've pulled out once again to re-read.
One of the key thoughts that I remembered from this book was the importance of preparing for Sunday Morning on Saturday night. 

It's my "job" to make sure that the boys are ready to go and I am ready to go each Sunday morning.  Don't get me wrong, Darryl helps but, ultimately, I have keep things moving.  It helps us all if I get our clothes out.  I make sure the boys things are laid out on their chairs right down to shoes and socks.  I've also figured out that it helps if I get my stuff picked out too :-) 

I also have my "Sunday Bag".  It's the bag that I carry to church every single week.  I keep hand lotion, cough crops, a small bag of candy, and a couple pads of paper for the boys to use to draw on if needed.  I also put my Bible and Planner in it has well and add a bottle of water on Sunday morning.  Now that the boys know about giving offering in Sunday School, I also take time to put some change in a bag and throw it in too so that I always have money for the boys to give. 

So what does our Sunday morning look like?
7:30- I get up and get ready and get dinner in the oven
8:00 - I eat breakfast and make sure the boys are eating something too.  Darryl gets ready
8:30 - Get the boys ready - right down to shoes and socks
9:00 - we walk out the door. 

If I don't get up by 7:30 - our morning becomes stressful! 

On Saturday night I:
1 Pick out our clothes
2. Pack the bag
3. Make sure the truck has gas (for real - otherwise it adds stress to our morning on Sunday)
4. Prep for Sunday dinner - everything from making sure the meat is out of the freezer to setting out the pan for rolls so I don't forget to take them out of the freezer.  I'm also working on setting the table so I don't have to do it when we return from church :-)

So, why is this important?  I want Sundays to be a day of relaxation; a day where we can enjoy being doing as a family, enjoy attending our church, and enjoy a day off from normal routines.  If the morning starts with me constantly "riding" the boys to get ready, I'm the one who suffers and ends up unhappy.  I'm still working on all of this but felt like sharing - if you haven't read the book Parenting in the Pew and have littles (or even slightly "olders") take time to read it.  You might gain one truth that can help your Sundays go smoother.