Saturday, January 26, 2013

Weekly Menu - The One with the Superbowl

Last week, I totally messed up my menu.  I don't know what I did but when I finally printed my hard copy, I had the same meal written down THREE times.  I know I didn't write that here but that printed copy is what I made my grocery list from- isn't that crazy?  I told my husband I need to get back into a regular shopping routine again - I've been going on different days due to our schedule and it is just messed up.

This week I'm trying to use as much food as we have HERE.  Trying to keep the grocery bill as small as possible! Plus I need to use some things up that have been hanging around for awhile.  Here's the plan for the next week

 Tuesday - Scallop Potatoes with Ham, and Green Beans.  I served a ham a week ago and froze the left over to use very several meals this week. 

Wednesday - The hubs has practice so the boys and I will have mac and cheese - I like to add some Hamto mine - it tastes to good!

Thursday - Ham and Potato Soup with homemade bread

Friday - Chicken and Dumplings with some salad.  I had this planned a few weeks ago but never ended up making it - sounds yummy to me!

Saturday - Chicken Noodle Soup - I know we will have left over Chicken and Dumplings since I'm cooking a whole chicken to make it.  The dumplings don't keep well so I skim those off before putting it in the fridge; then when I reheat it, I had noodles and it is so good!

Sunday - SUPERBOWL!  We are huge football fans in this house.  So, we will have the classic Roast, carrots and potatoes right after church (I know - that is not Superbowl food BUT it is easy and ready as soon as we walk in the door!!). Then later in the day we'll enjoy snacks as follows:
1) Shrimp Cocktail
2) Bacon Pinwheels
3) Fruit and Dip (I serve this alot because Josh loves fruit!)
4) Warm Bean Dip with chips - this is something new.  I have a cold bean dip that we like but the melted cheese sold me on trying this one.
5) Feta Dip and Bread - it looks so good and I've been wanting to try it.
6) Popcorn - my kids love popcorn so I figured I pop up a big bowl of it and let them snack.
7) Donuts using the donut maker for something fun :-)
I know it sounds like alot but I tend to cut recipes in half when I do stuff like this if at all possible. 

Monday  - Ham - just sliced ham (from those left overs), Crash potatoes and Sauteed Cabbage w/ rolls.

How's that?  Other than the super bowl stuff, most of the items I already have in the house so hopefully, the grocery bill will be nice and small!!!