Friday, April 15, 2011

Show us your life Fridays - What are you Reading!

Over at Kelly's Korner, Kelly is hosting her weekly "Show us your Life" Friday post!  I haven't been doing these for various reasons ( or I just forget) but the topic of today is about what you are reading!  I love to read so of course I want to share.  I'm actually not reading as many books at once as I usually do - I often have up to 5 books going at a time (different books for different times of the day!!) but have wrapped a few up recently.  I'll share those and what I'm picking up next to read too.

So, first, I've shared a lot about this book lately including Wednesday Devotionals (catch up here!) - The Power of  a Positive Mom is a really great book that is built a few basic principles of how to be "that positive mom".  I've already taken away some core ideas from just the first few chapters.  It isn't about being "Super mom" but just helping you be the best you can be. This is the book I am currently using for my Bible Study.  It has a section at the end of each chapter with some verses to read as well as a challenge that coincides with that lesson.

For "fun" I just finished reading Falconer's Quest by T Davis Bunn.  It is book 5, the final book in the series "Heirs of Acadia".  It is a really well written series that focus' first on the life of the Langston family before introducing John Falconer.  Their lives intertwine throughout the series even as new characters are introduced.  Falconer's journey from becoming a believer through his trials and griefs to learning of real forgiveness and acceptance is told in an exciting tale.  I enjoy the way T Davis Bunn writes and was not disappointed.  This is a series I've read several times and always enjoy it.
In trying to accomplish some reading goals this year, I also have books I'm reading each month.  Right now I'm in the middle of "Falling Forward" by Sandi Patty.  If you were to ask me why I picked this pick it would be for one reason - I'm a huge Sandi Patty fan and always have been even through her tough years.  This book addresses those struggles she had but in a way that shows others how to be warned and be wary of things in their own lives.  I'm impressed with her honesty and openness about her life as well as her teaching.  I tend to read this book right before bed when there aren't as many distractions around so I can really think about what she is teaching in her writing.
Since I just finished my "fun" series I decided to pick from my book goal stack and read "Duggars: 20 and counting".  I'm intrigued by this family and just want to learn more about them.  I enjoy their show and am always impressed by the fact that they don't hide the spiritual things from the camera - they pray, talk about God, and talk about their daily faith.  I also want to learn her secrets on how she is raising such great kids :-)  So, this will be what I read at lunch time now and when I just feel like kicking back for a little bit during the little boys nap time.
Finally, my "no brainer" book right now is another Davis Bunn book called "All through the Night".  I've read this one before as well and remember it being a very good read - it is another story based upon forgiveness. 

I'm looking forward to seeing what others post for this today - I'm always looking for new books to add to my "want to read" list!

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Tator Tot Casserole

This is one of those super simple, kid friendly recipes.  A good friend of mine told me about it because it is his favorite recipe so I decided to try it.  Little did I know that this was one of those recipes that Darryl also loved.  I'll be honest, it isn't my favorite meal but both the boys love it also so how can I not make it? 

2 pounds ground beef
1 can cream of chicken soup
8 slices of cheese (the kind that comes in the little wrappers for sandwiches . . .. )
1 bag of frozen Tatar tots

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.  Cook the ground beef and drain.  Mix in the cream of chicken soup.  Spread in the bottom of a greased 9 x 13 pan.  Lay the slices of cheese on top of the meat.  Cover with the bag of Tatar Tots.  Cook for about 25-30 minutes or until the Tatar Tots are browned and cooked through.  (I've found that sometimes I need to cook this longer; the Tatar tots seem to need a little longer to really brown.)

I often cut this recipe in half and make it in an 8x8 pan instead.  I find that it is more than enough to feed the four of us along with a vegetable and sometimes a salad.

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