Tuesday, March 26, 2019

BBH Book Club

So what have I been reading!  Here's a little recap.

The BBH Book Club weeks are as follows:

Week 8 - Read an author that is new to you. 
I shared this book last time I posted but I am counting this as a new author.  I had never head of him and I love his style of writing.  This reminds me, I want to read book two in this series! 

Week 9 - Read a book based on the cover.
When this challenge came up, I went out to Amazon Prime Kindle Unlimited and just scrolled until a book cover caught my eye.  I love being by the water so this one fit that love.  It was an amazing book.  The main character signs up with a mission board after the man she thought was going to propose to here, proposes to another (her dear friend).  She signed up thinking she would get sent to China but instead got sent to a small group of Indians.  This is right during the time that the Native Americans were being forcefully moved to reservations.  She not only wins the love of the people but also of her true love.  It really was a well written book and I'm so glad the cover caught my eye!

Week 10 - Read a book you can read in a day. 
This was also a book I shared in my last post but considering the fact that I read each of the books in the series in one day (or less . . .I might have read two of them in one day) I am going to count them!!

Week 11 - Read a book outside your comfort zone
I started this book a few weeks ago.  It was free on Kindle Unlimited.  Why was this outside of my comfort zone?  Because it was horribly edited HA!  There were spelling errors, incomplete sentences, misnamed people and more.  I forced myself to read it to the end.  While the story itself had potential, the writing was so awful that I wouldn't recommend it and I won't be reading any future stories in the series.  So, it is a stretch for the weekly challenge but honestly, I don't look for books outside of my comfort zone - I want to read books I enjoy!

I haven't read as  much I would have liked over the past few weeks.  One reason is because I got stuck in the book above, Willow Falls.  It really bogged me down!  I just opened up a book on my kindle today to start reading.  I also have the 2nd book to Beartown that I want to read, a new book club book I need to read, and another BBH Book Club challenge book that will appear on Wednesday.  Not to mention that I have this whole stack of books I get to read :-)  I just got new contacts and glasses so I can finally see better to read real books!  Yeah!