Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Too Cute Not To Cute

Hello!  This past week I spent a lot of time cleaning - between vacation and a week with a great holiday well, the house took a back seat.  I mean, between cleaning the kitchen or an impromptu trip to the beach - which would you chose? So, with that in mind I thought I would start out this week with a link to some homemade cleaners.  I'll be honest, I'm not into homemade cleaners usually; why fix what isn't broken, right? But I have used one of these - the vinegar and dawn dish soap, and it really does work well.  Little Ms Robinson shares a whole list of cleaners, where she got her cute bottles and even printable labels :-)
Since so many people post links on Pinterest that go no where or only show a photo, I'm going to embrace it when I see an idea I like.  This is another cleaning tip (only on Pinterest) for carpet cleaner.  I can't clean my carpets in the summer (too humid + no A/C = carpets that would never dry) but I do plan on trying this solution in the fall.  :-)
Don't hate me but this post from Inspiring Pretty gives all kinds of great ideas for . . .Halloween!  I know, I know, it is still months away but some of them you might to plan for like this ghost idea :-)
This last idea comes from Diet Girl and is more of an inspiration then a craft.  It takes about 21 days to establish a habit so, whether you are trying to drink more water, take a walk every day, or read your Bible daily, this Post-it idea is great.
Happy Crafting!