Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Our Valentine's

This year I decided to use Pinterest to my advantage and have the boys pick out some ideas for Valentines that we could create at home.  I was really tired of buying those boxes of nothing to use as valentines every year.  I'm glad I did, this was so much more fun!

 This idea came from Chelseas Messy Apron
On her blog she actually provides printables for several of the snack bag ideas.  This one with the cat/kit kats was our favorite.
I printed the free printable on card stock and purchased snack size ziplock bags and mini kit-kat bars at Meijer.  
This was by far the easiest idea.  Just add the candy bars to the bag, fold the topper and staple it in place! 
 This idea came from Kids Clutter and Chaos.
The printable is free and I printed it on white cardstock and then cut out red cardstock a little larger to attach the card to.  That made it much more stable. 
I purchased the Tic Tacs through Amazon and got a box of 12 for about $10.00.  I used glue dots (also purchased through Amazon) to attch the Tic Tacs to the card and that worked perfectly. 
 This idea came from Thrifty Northwest Mom.  
I printed the free printable on cardstock (looking back it would have looked nicer with a red backer on it like the one above). 
The highlighters I purchased at the dollar store (a 4 pack for $1.00) I used my glue dots to attach the highlighter to the card.  
This idea comes from Popsugar.
Now, truth be told, this one I had to add my own creativity to because I didn't realize that it was actually a craft using a Cricut.  While I have a Cricut, I don't use it and am not signed up for any of the on-line cutouts.  I printed the base card from the free printable.  Then, I went out to Google and found that lightbulb and printed it on yellow paper.  (I should have made it bigger but depth perception is not my thing HA!).  Then, I purchased the glow sticks at the dollar store (8 for $1.00) .  Again, I used the glue dots to attach it to the paper. 

All of these ideas were super easy to put together.  The boys had to make 30 Valentines each so they did approx 15 of each (Josh did 12 of the Tic Tacs because I wasn't spending $20.00 on Tic Tacs HA!) Other than that expense, the other three ideas were just about $5.00 or less each to do 15. 

The only thing I would do differently next year is I would make them in January.  It was a bit chaotic working with both boys to get them all done in one afternoon the day before the party!