Saturday, February 2, 2019

Our Week in Photos #5

Our week did not go anywhere near planned.  Why?  We had a "polar vortex" - a killer of a winter storm.  Snow,  temps so cold that boiling water evaporated immediately, and lots of blowing!  We were stuck in the house all week and we had guests just about every day.  I had planned to hit school hard this week as we came back from our semester break but instead, we didn't do anything.

So, here are some photos from our week!

This is what we dealt with all week!  It was cold and snowy! 

 We had snow days all week so our friends were with us.  The sweet girl and I baked a cinnamon roll cake together on Monday while the boys played video games. 
 Here comes the snow! 
 We didn't get much school work done but Nate had to take his MAP test on Monday and Tuesday. 

 We did make it outside Monday afternoon.  We shoveled and then the boys played for a good half an hour before coming in.  The coldest weather didn't hit until Tuesday. 
 Darryl was home with us on Monday so after our friends left early because their parents work closed down early, we all hung out in the warm living room :-) 
 On Tuesday the kids needed to run a note next door.  I couldn't figure out what was taking so long until I discovered they were digging a path to the house instead of just walking in the snow.  
 Then they shoveled off the neighbors deck and by the time they were done - they were cold!  
 So then they spent the afternoon building a fort and hanging out for two hours in their cave!  It was wonderful HA!  
 Wednesday we saw the sun but holy moly it was super duper cold. 
 The moon on Thursday morning was so pretty - it was so clear out (the "second moon" is a reflection in the glass) 

 We also did the boiling water experiment and were in awe as the water basically evaporated into thin air. 
Darryl was home again on Thursday due to the weather so we got our own private concert!  

So, that was our week!  We stayed nice and warm in the house all week.  I finally went out to the grocery store again just last night - my first outing since last Sunday!  It felt good to be out and . . well, seeing all the snow made me smile :-)