Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Well is Kind of Dry.

The well is running a little dry lately  I know it's a season and that's ok.  I think it's a combination of long school days, not a whole lot going on, and cold and snow.  Now, I love the beauty of the snow - especially when we get a storm where the world looks like a giant snow globe.  Yet, despite that, we've been a little homebound lately so that means there isn't a lot of exciting things going on!  Homeschooling takes up a good portion of my day - lessons for both boys, staying on top of their practice work, and making sure journals are writen, AWANA books are done, and papers are written.  I find it hard to accomplish much beyond that with the exception of laundry and dishes! As I sit here, waiting for Shaun White to complete his qualifying runs on his snowboard, I realize how easy it is to get lost in the mundane.  To live in past successes and wonder why you can't do now, what you could do then and so on.  It's easy to miss out on the day to day joys amidst the seemingly busyness of the day but really, I like to breath, and sit next to my boys and they ask questions and share knowledge, dreams, and hopes.  That is what "fills my well".