Saturday, March 14, 2015

Family Fun - Spring?

 Spring in Michigan - Snow, 60 degree weather, no coats, and bikes! 

Family Fun - Balloons

Like most kids, my kids love balloons.  One day last week, Nate brought out a balloon he had and got Josh and Darryl to start playing with him.  Somehow, the balloon got a hole it in and lost the air (It was one of those small balloons that never loses air . .. ) He was devastated.  I went digging and low and behold, found a bag with some balloons in it and it made his day.  Well, it made us all laugh and have fun until Darryl and I ran out of air and almost passed out from lack of oxygen :-)

 Nate attempting to blow up the balloon.
 Josh started to get the hang of it but then he thought it was funny to blow and blow . . .and then let the air back out in his mouth HA!
 Nate getting a little better . . .
 Hahahaha - what do I even need to say?
All I can say is that we really did laugh a lot.  This was an unexpected family day - Darryl was home from work due to some bad weather and the kids I babysit were home sick.  We all stayed in our PJ's and hung out together.