Thursday, January 16, 2014

Weekly Menu

We ate good food last week.  Even though Darryl ate Sliced Turkey Breast on top of Spaghetti Noodles w/ Olive Oil and mixed vegetables about 4 times this week the rest of us ate good LOL  Oh well, they can't all be winners.  He didn't want to eat the Chili because  Chili powdered messes with his gut so that meant he didn't eat Taco's either.  Then he was supposed to go to his sisters on Saturday but due to a not great forecast, he came home . . .and he can't eat pizza which is what I was cooking.  That Turkey breast was a life saver for him!

So this week is a little different because the kids are going on a sleep over to papa and nana's house.  I tend to take it "easy" when the kids are gone - it's my break too so not cooking is HIGH on my list!  Don't get me wrong, I actually enjoy cooking but I probably spend the equivalent of 3-4 hours in the kitchen every day between cooking meals, getting snacks and washing dishes.  When I can get a break from that I do!

Friday - The kids leave today.  This is our date night so we are heading into town to go out to dinner.  At the writing of this, we are going to PF Changs.  We have never been there but love Chinese food.  I'm so excited to just go out to dinner!!

Saturday - Today we have a wedding so we'll be eating at the reception.  I hope the food is good :-)

Sunday - I will probably go out and get something - we know what things Darryl can eat now (Like Subway) and will take advantage of that.  I think that some eggs, toast, and bacon sounds good for brunch.

Monday - I didn't realize that I wouldn't be babysitting today due to the kids parents not having to work.  Soooo . . .I'm heading to town for my day out!!!  Whoo Whoo!  I'll have to take Darryl to work but then I can come home, go back to bed, sleep in, get up and head into town to wonder Hobby Lobby, Wonder through the Mall, get lunch, do some returns, and pick up Darryl from work and go to dinner.

Tuesday-Thursday:  I'm not even planning these days right now.  My kids are coming home Wednesday or Thursday so we'll play it by ear.  I think I will pick up some good bread at Panara while I'm out on Monday and just have stuff for Panini's for dinner on Tuesday . .. and maybe Wednesday.  I'm thinking I might throw one of the Turkey's I have in the freezer in the oven on Thursday that way we'll have lots of meat to use for dishes next week!

That's it for this week :-)