Saturday, May 31, 2014

I've Made a List . . ..

So, we are one month away from major back surgery on this guy, my husband.  Yes, he just went through hernia surgery - something that totally caught us off guard but it is done, he's healing, and everything else is on track.   With this is mind, I recently sat down and made a list that is, ironically, called "My List to do before Surgery" :-)  I'm trying to get some things done and checked off my list so that the time frame around the surgery can be less stressful AND I can have time to do  things I actually want to do (not cleaning HA)   My list currently contains 38 things.  I've already crossed one thing off - Our garage door opener is fixed.  The dad of the kids I babysit reset it for me today thanks to his wife who asked her dad how to fix it!  How great is that???  It's been months since the opener worked and just like that, it's done. Another item in the process of being crossed out is learning the fate of my piano.  The tech came out this past Wednesday and I learned that the mother board is damaged due to the small little (weird named) battery that corroded and leaked.  He took the board back to his shop and, if he can find some hairline trail of stuff on it and fix it, my piano will work again . . .if he can't, well then I have to start looking for a new piano! 

What else is on the list?  Things like cleaning out some cabinets, lots of planning from scrapbooking to homeschool things, prepping some freezer meals to use after surgery so we don't eat out every night, planning the budget for the next few months and more.  This list will hopefully get close to finished by the end of June because I know that July will be busy with recovering and taking care of the kids :-)

I guess this is my "June Goal" post!  Lots of misc things to get done!