Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Two Wheeler

Our boys love their training wheels.  We've tried and tried to get them to want to take those training wheels off but to no avail!  Out of the blue a week ago Josh said he wanted to ride a bike without training wheels.  Since the boys each have a regular size bike now, we took the training wheels off the teeny tiny bike and let the boys go! 

 I had to share this photo - our gigantic sunflower outside the garage door has opened!!  This brought huge excitement at our house.
 Nate riding on his new bike since he had outgrown the teeny bike.  Josh riding the teeny bike minus training wheels.

 Love that face of total concentration. 

 Nate is very determined to be as good, if not better, than his big brother. 
 (Side note - Josh found some rope and was pretending he was using a lasso . . .)

Nate working on staying up on two wheels!

Both boys are doing well with the lack of training wheels.  Josh even told us while camping that he was ready to have the training wheels off of his bigger bike now too.  I will say that we don't have those photos of the parent holding onto the back of a bike and then letting go because all I hear is "Let go of the bike I can do it on my own." hahahaha